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Randy Epp

About the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the major projects that transformed the home. Combining the old kitchen and back porch, the expansive room is a new heart of the home. The kitchen island was created from an original 1906 built-in cupboard.

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Kitchen - Stories From the Past

Although the heart of the home, the kitchen wasn’t Miss Myrt’s favorite room!

If there was one thing she disliked doing, it was drying dishes. Both Miss Myrt and her best friend Miss Katherine recall having to dry the dishes at the instructions of Grandma Morgan and as she said vehemently: “I hated it!”

Life wasn’t all bad in the kitchen though – Florence, Dee Dee and Quinn, the children of Thomas Ford Jr., smile when they remember the cooking smells of their dad’s house-help Mary. Mary was an accomplished cook and apparently her fudge was legendary!

After Mary’s passing, when the Ford brothers used to mainly eat their meals at the Dew Drop Inn, Mobile’s oldest surviving restaurant, the stove was removed and the kitchen fell out of regular use.

However, the white enamel drain board sink is going to once again be used for dish drying as it will be resurfaced and the new cabinets built around it.