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Meet the People

The Morgan family

James Morgan bought the home on Rapier Avenue in 1915. Eight years later, he and his wife had a baby girl – Myrtle May. The Morgans lived with Mr. Morgan’s mother at the home until it was sold in the 1940s. Myrtle May Morgan Hartman is still alive today and lives in Rancho Cucamanga in California. She’s a wonderful lady and you can see her being interviewed in the video series as well as watch her take her best friend of 92 years –Miss Katherine Philips Singer – by surprise when she returned to Mobile see the house last year.

Myrtle May with her parents in the mid 1920s

Myrtle May with her parents in the mid 1920s


The Ford family

The Ford family purchased the house in the 1940s – and it remained in the family until I bought it in 2014. So the home went through multiple generations of the family – but for many years was owned by the three Ford brothers – Michael, Richard and Thomas. Sadly Richard passed away some years ago, but I had the good fortune to meet both Thomas and Michael. In fact it was Michael Ford who showed the house to me and my realtor.

Mary with Florence Ford

Mary with Florence Ford

Michael, Richard and Thomas Ford

Michael, Richard and Thomas Ford

I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting the next two generations of the Fords – Thomas and Michael’s children and the grandchildren too. They have been incredibly helpful in the restoration of my home – and even loaned me many of the antiques on display.

The Ford family also had a house help for many years – Mary – and it’s in her honor that the butler’s pantry has been named. She was an extraordinary woman.

The De Wolde family

And now I’m the custodian for the history of the home. Even though I live many miles away in British Columbia, Canada with my husband and daughters, my Southern home is so much part of my life. I’ve made many friends in the city of Mobile and it will always have a special place in my heart.

Esther De Wolde with Mrs. Myrt Morgan, daughter of the original homeowner

Esther De Wolde with Michael Ford, one of the brothers who's father purchased the home from the Morgans, with his family.