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Guest Bedroom

Randy Epp

About the Guest Bedroom

The guest bedroom features a floral theme and wallpaper – along with repurposed security gates to form the headboard and fireplace feature.

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Guest Bedroom - Stories From the Past

Up until today, the middle bedroom has always been a bedroom used by children, whether by James Morgan Jr. (Miss Myrt’s brother Jim) back in the 20s and 30s, or Florence and Dee Dee, Thomas Ford Jr.’s daughters. 

Decorated with pretty floral wallpaper in the 1950s, it featured both a closet and Victorian style fireplace. 

Dee Dee Ford recalls her and her sister attempting to clamber through the transom to see if they could get a peek at their birthday presents being wrapped. However, they never discovered whether they would fit through the transom - because their dad came home unexpectedly and they had to scramble down so they wouldn’t get caught!